Excerpt from the music composed for the dance performance EN ON on a concept by Rena Konstantaki. 2011
On a stage designed with plexiglas glass mirror, Yumiko Yoshioka - one of the important female Butoh dancers- is dancing the birth and the metamorphosis of a creature. Light, sounds, perfume create an environment where audience gets prepared for its own transformation. This performance had its premiere in Athens for 8 performances at the CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART ILEANA TOUNTA. The dance is strongly influenced by Butoh.

Concept : Rena Konstantaki . Choreography : Rena Konstantaki, Yumiko Yoshioka. Dance : Yumiko Yoshioka. Music Composition : Sophia Koubli. Vocals: Chrysa Tsaltampasi. Stage Design : Omiros Kosmidis. Light Design : Lefteris Pavlopoulos. Costume : R.Konstantaki, O. Kosmidis, L. Tegopoulou. Photo : Chronis Giannopoulos. Duration of performance 40 minutes. Production : indigo fera art productions


for Electronics | duration : 1.08


for Electronics | duration : 1.20

for Electronics and Vocals | duration : 1.20